iWAT 2019 Sessions and Invited Authors

iWAT 2019 Schedule - Feb 4 (PDF)


Invited Authors

Plenary Session
Gabriel Rebeiz
University of California, San Diego, USA
5G Millimeter-Wave Antenna Arrays for Cell Phones and Base Stations

Yang Hao
Queen Mary University of London, UK
Antennas and Metasurfaces from Hyperuniform Disorder

Constantine Balanis
Arizona State University, USA
Electromagnetic Education and Antenna Technology: Past, Present and Future

Yahya Rahmat-Samii
University of California, Los Angeles, USA
High Performance Ergonomic 3 Tesla MRI Neck Coil Development: Design, Implementation, and in MRI Machine Characterizations

Small  and Wideband Antennas
Chairs: Jonathan Doane, MITLL, 
Steve Best, Megawave Corp.

 Wonbin Hong
Pohang University of  Science and Technology, South Korea
 Steve Best
Megawave  Corporation, USA
 Pierre Dufilie
MIT Lincoln Lab, USA
 John L. Volakis
Florida  International University, USA
 Marinos Vouvakis
University of Massachusetts, USA

5G and Millimeter-Wave Antennas
Chair: Kubilay Sertel

 Kubilay Sertel
The Ohio State University, USA
 Georgios C. Trichopoulos
Arizona State University, USA
 Satish Sharma
San Diego State  University, USA
 Jiro  Hirokawa
Tokyo Institute of Technology,  Japan
 Wei  Hong
Southeast University, Nanjing,  China

3D Printed and Material Antenna
Chair: Jacob Adams

 Jacob Adams
North Carolina  State University, USA
 Yiannis Vardaxoglou
Loughborough  University, UK
 Hao Xin
University of  Arizona, USA
 Emmanouil M. Tentzeris
Georgia Tech., USA
 Gokhan Mumcu
University of  South Florida, USA

Body Worn Antennas and Implantable Antennas
Chair: Asimina Kiourti

 Asimina Kiourti
The Ohio State  University, USA
 Karu Esselle
Macquarie University, Australia
 William Scanlon
Tyndall National Institute , Ireland
 Erdem Topsakal
Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
 Stavros Kouroulidis
University of Patras, Greece

Low Frequency Antennas
Chair: Shubhendu Bhardwaj

 Nader Behdad
University of  Wisconsin-Madison, USA
 Majid Manteghi
Virginia Tech.,  USA
 Dwight Viehland
Virginia Tech.,  USA
 Ethan Wang
University of  California Los Angeles, USA
 Shubhendu Bhardwaj
Florida  International University, USA

Multibeam, MIMO Antennas, and Beamforming Arrays
Chair: Mohammad Sharawi

 Miguel Á. García-Fernández
EMITE Ing.,  Spain
 Mohammad S. Sharawi
King Fahd University of  Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia
 Jeorge Salazar-Cerreno
University of Oklahoma,  USA
 Joseph Costantine
American  University of Beirut, Lebanon
 Satish Sharma
San Diego State University, USA

Reconfigurable Antennas and Arrays
Chair: Stavros Georgakopoulos

Stavros Georgakopoulos
Florida  International University, USA
Dan Berrigan
Air Force  Research Lab, USA
Phil Buskohl & Chris Tabor
Air Force  Research Lab, USA
Gregory Huff
The Pennsylvania State University, USA

Metastructured Antennas
Chairs: Yiannis Vardaxoglou, 
Zhi Ning Chen

 Zhi Ning Chen
National  University of Singapore, Singapore
 Chengwei Qiu
National  University of Singapore, Singapore
 George Eleftheriades
University of  Toronto, Canada
 Raj Mittra
University of  Central Florida, USA
 Hisamatsu Nakano
Hosei University, Japan
 Constantine Balanis
Arizona State University, USA